Monthly Archives: May 2013

Belgium VMUG meeting

There is a VMUG meeting in Belgium this Friday, May 24th. Membership and this meeting of the user group are free ! You can see the agenda and register here.

There are a lot of interesting technical sessions throughout the day and I will give a talk on “vCOps : Extending enterprise management”, where I will show how to build supermetrics, apps and custom dashboards. Live without slides !

Managing business critical applications with vCOps

A new white paper was just published on managing Microsoft Exchange, Oracle DB, SAP and Microsoft SQL Server with vCenter Operations Manager and Hyperic. The document does a good job of explaining from installation to gathering metrics and creating custom dashboards.

A great resource to help you get started, this is the stuff most of my demos and talks are about these days. I did not author the paper, but since I deem it important and it is not on the central site yet, you can download it from my Dropbox.

Approval requests by email in vCAC

I created this short demo video for a colleague on how easy it is to create approval requests in vCloud Automation Center. The default policy here will email the group manager, but you can create more complicated rules. That is the power of vCAC: you can incorporate all your business logic in your cloud provisioning.