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Mail filtering in iOS10

I am not sure that this is a well known feature, I discovered it by accident after upgrading to iOS10. In the Mail app there is now a little icon in the bottom left corner. When you click it your mail will be filtered to show only unread messages by default.

location of the filtering button

You will notice that ‘unread’ is blue. If you click it a whole filtering menu will appear, allowing you for example to select I only mails with attachment. Handy to tame your inbox…

mail selection fiktering options


Mac helps with passwords

I do not need to remind you of the importance of good passwords, certainly in this age of put-everything-in-the-cloud you need strong passwords and different ones for each service. There are a lot of utilities to help you, but one very handy one is hidden in the OS X change password dialog: When you click ‘Users & Groups’ in ‘System Preferences’, click a user and then click on ‘change password’, the following dialog appears. Click the key icon and you get some help choosing a password. You can get categories like ‘memorable’ or ‘numbers only’, you can choose the length and your Mac will even tell you if it is strong enough. Of course you do not need to use it for your OS X user account only… copy paste to wherever.

But don’t forget you have to remember your password ! The next iteration of Os X (‘Maverick’) will have a password store for Safari, but I store them in my favourite brain Evernote. Not in clear text of course.. Evernote allows you to encrypt part of your notes. Just paste text in a note, highlight it and choose ‘Encrypt selected text’ from the edit menu. Choose a pass phrase and… presto !