vCAC 6 free video’s and VMware MKP app

My colleagues from Tech Marketing have done a tremendous, labour-intensive job and created a series of short video’s covering every aspect of vCloud Automation Center 6. We used these ourselves as prerequisite to an internal bootcamp.

The good news is that they are also avalaible for free on Youtube, so you can watch them absolutely anywhere. Most are only 8-10 minutes in length, so perfect for your commute (on public transport, not your car obviously).

Even better all these instructional videos are available in our Mobile Knowledge Portal on your iOS or Android device. What ?! You do not have this great utility yet ?? You never want to look up info in white papers or presentations, view videos and so on ? Please repent your sins and download now on appstore (this is the iPad version). More info and Android links on the portal.

There is also a Partner University Mobile app that VMware partners can use to take training anywhere, more info and download links here.

I think these utilities are not used enough, I think I will blog separately about them.

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