Month: June 2019

  • Why you need to go to VMWorld (and me too).

    VMware’s big tech conferences, VMWorld, are on the horizon again, the US edition in San Francisco, August 25-29, 2019 and the EMEA edition in Barcelona, November 4-7, 2019. These are massive events with a lot of people attending and an incredible amount of things to do. The content catalogue for the US has just been […]

  • VMware vExpert 2019 Two Subprograms Are Now Open!

    VMware vExpert 2019 Two Subprograms Are Now Open! A few days ago, the vExpert 2019 second half application. Now the vExpert Cloud Management and vExpert NSX subprograms are open. Please note this is based on your past year contribution on the two specific categories namely NSX and Cloud Management. This year Cloud Management is new […]

  • Datadog part 1: Who let the dogs out?

    TL;DR Datadog is a SaaS monitoring solution with an impressive list of integrations, including vCenter and AWS. Their agent is open source. They have impressive dashboarding and now feature logging and APM. As part of my newly won freedom from vendors this year, I am looking at some options to manage your VMware environment. Of […]