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  • Datadog part 1: Who let the dogs out?

    TL;DR Datadog is a SaaS monitoring solution with an impressive list of integrations, including vCenter and AWS. Their agent is open source. They have impressive dashboarding and now feature logging and APM. As part of my newly won freedom from vendors this year, I am looking at some options to manage your VMware environment. Of […]

  • Accepted for vExpert 2018 !

    A nice surprise at breakfast in my mailbox. I have been accepted for the VMware vExpert programme! I have been recognised as blogger and public speaker. Link to my public profile is here. Big thanks to Kim Bottu and Tom VallonsĀ for putting their shoulders under a new vExpert community in the Belux and helping us! […]

  • Moving clouds.. with Docker

    The driving force in IT for me has always been commoditization. There is probably another blog post here, but we moved from the Bios to the processor, to storage and the network. Everything becomes a commodity at some point, or do you still care what BIOS version your server has? If you still have a […]