Category: Everything Apple

  • My iPad Pro 11 tips

    tl;dr I bought a new iPad pro and share some of my working tips. Printed a stand from Thingiverse, connected a cheap bluetooth keyboard and use a matte screen protector to avoid reflections and write more natural with the Apple Pencil. After my old 10.5″ iPad Pro decided to hit the stone patio outside last […]

  • New company site

    As I have been a contractor for 3 years, but operating more independently now from companies, I felt the need to upgrade my marketing game! I had a logo designed and just launched a separate website for my company! For logo design I can recommend You can start a contest there where graphic designers […]

  • Mail filtering in iOS10

    I am not sure that this is a well known feature, I discovered it by accident after upgrading to iOS10. In the Mail app there is now a little icon in the bottom left corner. When you click it your mail will be filtered to show only unread messages by default. You will notice that […]