Category: Monitoring

  • Cloud management announcements at VMWorld!

    Last week we had a briefing in the vExpert Cloud Management program on the announcements for VMWorld 2020 this week. It is one of the great perks of the program. Product managers and technical marketing take time to present to the team, which is greatly appreciated! The announcements in a nutshell are:– VMware vRealize Cloud […]

  • Compliance and security with vRealize Operations.

    VMware has been working hard to add new features to vRealize Operations (vROps), the management tool is unrecognisable from it’s origins as vCops… One of the most overlooked areas for me is compliance. It is very powerful and easy to setup. Since I talked about vCOps … let’s get back some years to around 2012 […]

  • Internet archive and my old Sun blog.

    Because I am working on my websites and my marketing these days (see previous blog) and since I want to do some freelance writing, I was looking for my old blog at Sun. This was effectively the precursor to this independent self-hosted blog in the we-can-do-anythin-Sun-days. Amazingly it survived with me the transition to Oracle… […]

  • Datadog part 1: Who let the dogs out?

    TL;DR Datadog is a SaaS monitoring solution with an impressive list of integrations, including vCenter and AWS. Their agent is open source. They have impressive dashboarding and now feature logging and APM. As part of my newly won freedom from vendors this year, I am looking at some options to manage your VMware environment. Of […]

  • Starting Grafana…

    Well, the advantage of more time on my hands and a working homelab is that I finally got round to installing Grafana! I have been reading up on this wonderful open source visualisation tool and wanted to use it… ever since I attended a FOSDEM session last year! I think this is a great tool […]