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vRealize Automation OpenStack Havana plugin 1.0.0

We announced an extension pack to manage OpenStack Havana endpoints with vRealize Automation v6.2. Without it you can only manage Grizzly releases. What is good about this is that we now need to only update a plugin to manage a new OpenStack release, not update vR A itself. From the announcement:

The vRealize Automation OpenStack extension package enables vRealize Automation 6.2 to manage an open source OpenStack cloud computing software platform. This extension package is written to support OpenStack Grizzly and Havana release versions via consumption of OpenStack REST API (v2 and v1). Following is the list of capabilities of OpenStack extension package:

Nova – OpenStack Computer Service

  • List all instances (servers) of their OpenStack project (tenant)
  • Create new instance (server) with all required and optional resources
    – networks, security groups (firewalls), image, flavor (hardware configuration) and post-creation script/file.
  • Delete existing instance
  • List flavors
  • Resize/reboot/rebuild instance
  • Start, stop, pause, unpause, suspend, resume instance
  • Create an image from running instance (snapshot of instance)
  • List, create and edit security groups (firewalls)
  • Create/import/delete/list key pairs (SSH keys)
  • Associate/dissociate floating IP to/from instance
  • Get instance console  

Neutron/Quantum – OpenStack Networking Service

·         List public and private networks

Glance – OpenStack Image Service

  • List all images

Download Details:

Download Landing Page




Monitor any OpenStack Icehouse implementation with vR Ops

The management packs keep coming after the announcement of vR Ops 6 last week. The latest one today is very interesting, since it allows you to monitor any OpenStack Icehouse implementation. Including the beta of our own VIO. (note this beta is now closed).

vRealize Operations Management Pack for OpenStack 1.0 is now GA and live on VMware Solution Exchange.

What’s new?

This management pack is the most advanced management pack to date and truly unique in its capabilities. It provides the most comprehensive set of operations management capabilities for OpenStack available today. Including the ability to manage OpenStack Cloud controllers, performance and capacity of OpenStack infrastructure, and advanced tenant focused troubleshooting.

The management pack can tie together data from several sources including vSphere, NSX, Hyperic, and Log Insight. Providing correlation across these data sources and launching in context to the relevant details for a given object. The management pack also works across any OpenStack icehouse distribution, including the current beta of the VMware Integrated OpenStack product. It is available for any vRealize Operations Advanced edition customer.

Download from VMware Solution Exchange: https://solutionexchange.vmware.com/store/products/management-pack-for-openstack-1-0

New winter school sessions @ VMware BeLux

In January the VMware BeLux SE team organizes again free technical enablement sessions in Zaventem and Luxemburg, see details below. I will deliver the cloud operations and cloud automation day with Stef Verbist and the Openstack, containers,… afternoon with Filip Verloy.

Agenda – overview:

Technical Tracks (HALF day)

See detailed session content information here.

Time: 09h30 – 10h00 registration & welcome coffee

           10h00 ­ 12h30 presentations, whiteboards, demos Š

           13h00 ­ 13h30 registrations & welcome coffee

           13h30 ­ 16h00 presentations, whiteboards, demos on second topic

Don’t miss this opportunity and register for these sessions.

Location Belgium:

VMware premises, Imperiastraat 18, 1930 Zaventem

Location Luxembourg:



Monday January 12 AM


Monday January 19 AM

High-level general session: SDE (vCloud Suite, vRealize Suite, vCloud Air)

Winter School 2015 is all about the Software-Defined-Enterprise, VMware’s foundation for helping customers transform their traditional IT environments into a broker of services in order to aligned with business demands.

On this first day, we will give you an introduction into all the different VMware’s building blocks that make up the Software Defined Enterprise.

Monday January 12 PM

Monday January 19 PM

High-level general session: SDE (VSAN, NSX, EUC)

Winter School 2015 is all about the Software-Defined-Enterprise, VMware’s foundation for helping customers transform their traditional IT environments into a broker of services in order to aligned with business demands.

On this first day, we will give you an introduction into all the different VMware’s building blocks that make up the Software Defined Enterprise.


Tuesday January 13 AM


Tuesday January 20 AM

Hyper Converged Infrastructure – VSAN2.0/EVO:RAIL/RACK

During this session we will review the choices we give our customers to build their Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). We will look into technical detail to the different technologies used.


Tuesday January 13 PM


Tuesday January 20 PM

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – SRM/vSphere Replication/ vCloud Air DR/vSphere Data Protection/vMotion/FT/HA

IT organizations are continuously challenged with protecting business-critical applications and data against various causes of downtime. VMware delivers a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that provides high availability, data protection and disaster recovery. During this session we will go more in depth into those solutions.


Wednesday January 14 AM


Wednesday January 21 AM

Cloud Operations Management – vRealize Operations Insight (vROps 6 + vRLog Insight)

Operations disciplines are converging. Performance, capacity and configuration become inseparable as the SDDC is extended with public cloud services. IT departments require integrated, analytics-based operations management to ensure service quality and increase operational efficiency on or off-site.


Wednesday January 14 PM


Wednesday January 21 PM

Cloud Automation – vRealize Automation & Cloud Business ­ vRealize Business

Automation plays a critical role in managing the SDDC where compute, network and storage resources are virtualized and controlled by software. It improves speed and control of both service delivery and ongoing management functions. Automation is also a central point of control for service delivery that combines on-site and public cloud resources.


Thursday January 15 AM


Thursday January 22 AM

Network virtualization

VMware NSX is the network virtualization and security platform for the SDDC. In this session we will provide a deep dive into the capabilities of the platform and go into the new features of the latest release. We will also cover how the integrate the platform into an existing network and best practices.


Thursday January 15 PM


Thursday January 22 PM

VMware’s Integrated OpenStack ­ Containers (Docker, Kubernetes Š) ­ Pivotal CF

This session will explain VMware’s Integrated OpenStack (VIO) distribution, VMware’s involvement in the OpenStack project in general, and VMware’s initiated Congress OpenStack program, incl. advantages of running OpenStack with VMware software, and roadmap and integration plans across the multiple components of our product line.


Friday January 16 ­ ALL DAY


Friday January 23 ­ ALL DAY

Mobility – End-User Computing (EUC)

During this session we will review the VMware EUC Vision and Strategy and take a closer look into the technical details of VMware App Volumes, Virtual SAN in Horizon View environments, Horizon Flex, Š

Don’t miss this opportunity and register for these sessions.

VMworld Barcelona cloud management resources

Our great technical conference VMworld EMEA is on it’s way to Barcelona ! In two weeks we will be running our feet off in the Fira Gran Via. If you have no idea yet why you should attend, you can watch an overview video here:

In this post I also want to give you an overview of sessions and labs related to cloud provisioning and management to help you fill your agenda 😉


I cannot list all of them and do not know all the speakers, but here are my recommendations. You can consult the complete list here.


VCM7369-S – Uncovering the Hidden Truth in Log Data With vCenter Log Insight. John Herlocker, CTO Log Insight, will be presenting.

VCM5539 – The Missing Link: Storage Visibility In Virtualized Environments. If you ever saw Colin present, you know why 😉

VCM4885 – Business Management for Cloud. Hear from a customer !


VCM5271 – VMware and Puppet: How to Plan, Deploy & Manage Modern Applications. I attended this session in SF. Becky and Nigel do a superb job of explaining what we are doing with Puppet and do great demos. Don’t miss !

VCM5811 – How to Manage vSphere and Hybrid Cloud with vCenter Operations Management.

VCM5009 – Practical Real World Reporting with vCenter Operations. This is what we keep explaining to customers. Tom Findling is now the product owner of vCOps…

VCM4992 – Tips and Tricks for Capacity Risk Assessment, Rightsizing and Planning.

VCM5008 – vCenter Operations and the Quest for the Missing Metrics. Advanced stuff, but very interesting. By two nice Dutch guys Duco & Eric (of VMworld TV fame…)


VCM5148 – Provisioning and Managing a Heterogeneous Cloud with vCloud Automation Center. Naomi is the product manager for vCAC and Zack is extremely knowledgeable. He created some great demos.

VCM5781 – Whats New and What’s Next in vCenter Operations: A Tech Preview. Jai is Director, cloud management products, if anyone can tell you what is coming in vCOps…

VCM4952 – Practicing What We Preach: VMware IT on vCenter Operations Management Suite and vCloud Automation Center. Yes, we use vCAC and vCOps internally, come see us eat our own dog food.

 Hands-On Labs:

Of course we are back this year with the Hands-on Labs where you can come and learn in a real-life environment. For each lab a complete environment is deployed on-the-fly in a vCloud Director environment, so that you can actually use a real product. You can use thin clients or bring your own device (even a tablet !). New this year is a hotspot where you can take labs with your own laptop, I think in Barcelona it will be in Hall 8. The HOL itself is in Hall 7.

Even better you can take a lot of labs just from the comfort of your home… Nine labs have already been added from the new labs. See the announcement on the blog. You can enroll in the lab I am lab captain for here.

Labs relating to vCOps:

HOL-SDC-1301 – APPLIED CLOUD OPERATIONS. VSOM, Log Insight and vCOps Enterprise content.


Also note there will be a lab around OpenStack on VMware: HOL-SDC-1320 – OPENSTACK ON VMWARE VSPHERE.

Other events:

There are Partner Q&A sessions on vCOps and vCAC. I am participating in the vCOps one. Not sure where they are listed.

I am also trying to organize a mini briefing for customers on vCOPs, more info to follow.