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OEM Postgres plugin supports Postgres v10!

At Blue Medora we still have a very popular plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager to monitor Postgres databases. With the number of customers moving to Postgres or supporting dual database environments on the rise, it is important to give the DBA the opportunity to keep monitoring his environment from his existing monitoring platform. The plugin integrates in the OEM dashboards and gives you a lot of details on Postgres.

OEM Postgres plugin

OEM Postgres plugin query overview

Last year we upgraded the software to support Postgres databases running on AWS RDS, now at the request of several customers we upgraded to support postgres v10. We also have trial versions available now!

All technical info is on our support site and more product info is – as always – in the product matrix. Please contact sales@bluemedora.com if you are interested in testing the product.

Beta of Blue Medora monitoring Oracle Weblogic in vCOps

As you might know we have a new partnership with Blue Medora where they provide all the great knowledge they built on monitoring Oracle environments in a new management pack that you can add to vCenter Operations Manager.

They are now seeking beta testers for a new version that can monitor Oracle Weblogic J2EE workloads in a VMware environment. If you are interested, see this post.