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VMware vRealize Automation center

Cloud management announcements at VMWorld!

Last week we had a briefing in the vExpert Cloud Management program on the announcements for VMWorld 2020 this week. It is one of the great perks of the program. Product managers and technical marketing take time to present to the team, which is greatly appreciated!

The announcements in a nutshell are:
– VMware vRealize Cloud Universal. A new Generation of SaaS.
– VMware vRealize AI Cloud. Machine learning comes to your metrics.
– Skyline 2.0
– vRealize Operations Cloud/ 8.2
– vRealize Automation Cloud/ 8.2
– vRealize Log Insight Cloud/ 8.2

Now let me start by sharing an insight I got during the presentation and that I verified with an insider:

It is cloud first from now on.

Yes you read that right. What do I mean by that ? Well until now VMware had a SaaS version of every cloud management product and the versions were more or less up to par. With the introduction of Cloud Universal only cloud subscribers will get their hands on AI Cloud. And only the SaaS version will allow you to reduce the infamous 5-minute monitoring interval in vRealize Operations from 5 minutes to 20s for realtime monitoring. And there are other differences.

This means you will want to rethink your cloud management strategy. Fortunately Cloud Universal is a new hybrid subscription that allows a combination of on-prem and SaaS with one license.

AI Cloud is a new offering included in Cloud Universal. It applies Reinforcement Learning to vSAN in this first instalment, continuously analysing and learning and dynamically applying actions to vSAN to optimise performance. We get a glance here of where operations management is going thanks to machine learning techniques.

Apart from updates in cost management, my beloved vROps 8.2 gets a boost in the APM front! It is now possible to integrate the app discovery from Network Insight into vROps! There is also an APM tool to integrate application data from App Dynamics, Datadog, Dynatrace and New Relic into vROps! This means a big step forward in extending full stack monitoring to applications, so that vROps becomes more and more the full stack monitoring platform, across clouds and apps in the enterprise. BUT… Note that the APM integrations are vRealize Operations Cloud only at the moment….

All in all exciting updates coming in cloud management, stay tuned for more details at VMworld 2020 this week. If you would like to discuss you can find me this week on the Orbital Jigsaw Discord server. There are chats and voice meeting rooms to discuss! If you want more info on this great community effort during VMWorld, read the blog post.

vRealize Automation OpenStack Havana plugin 1.0.0

We announced an extension pack to manage OpenStack Havana endpoints with vRealize Automation v6.2. Without it you can only manage Grizzly releases. What is good about this is that we now need to only update a plugin to manage a new OpenStack release, not update vR A itself. From the announcement:

The vRealize Automation OpenStack extension package enables vRealize Automation 6.2 to manage an open source OpenStack cloud computing software platform. This extension package is written to support OpenStack Grizzly and Havana release versions via consumption of OpenStack REST API (v2 and v1). Following is the list of capabilities of OpenStack extension package:

Nova – OpenStack Computer Service

  • List all instances (servers) of their OpenStack project (tenant)
  • Create new instance (server) with all required and optional resources
    – networks, security groups (firewalls), image, flavor (hardware configuration) and post-creation script/file.
  • Delete existing instance
  • List flavors
  • Resize/reboot/rebuild instance
  • Start, stop, pause, unpause, suspend, resume instance
  • Create an image from running instance (snapshot of instance)
  • List, create and edit security groups (firewalls)
  • Create/import/delete/list key pairs (SSH keys)
  • Associate/dissociate floating IP to/from instance
  • Get instance console  

Neutron/Quantum – OpenStack Networking Service

·         List public and private networks

Glance – OpenStack Image Service

  • List all images

Download Details:

Download Landing Page




vRealize Suite 6.0 refresh cloud operations details

Right on cue as promised we announced a lot of important new versions in the vRealize Suite for cloud operations. I will list here a reference to all documentation and download sites. cloud automation in a separate update.

In this post:

vRealize Operations Manager 6.0. This is the big one we were all waiting for !

What’s New:

  • New resilient architecture
  • Unified user interface
  • Smart Alerts
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Flexible capacity models
  • Custom policies
  • Unified storage visibility

Download Landing Page.

Documentation Landing Page.

Release Notes.


vRealize Hyperic 5.8.4.

What’s new?

Hyperic 5.8.4 is a maintenance release with major and minor bug fixes.

In addition to general issue fixing, the following changes have been made in vCenter Hyperic 5.8.4.

  • Non-English languages are supported for Windows operating systems.
  • JRE version 7u71 is supported.
  • Several updates have been made to some of the plug-ins

Download Landing Page.

Documentation Landing Page.

Release Notes.

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of vRealize Configuration Manager (VCM) 5.7.3,  a key part of the VMware vRealize Operations Management Suite that automates configuration management across virtual, physical and cloud environments.

Organizations can use VCM to continuously audit the configurations of VMware infrastructure (including VMware ESX®, ESXi™, vCenter, vCloud® Director™ and vCloud® Networking and Security) as well as Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems. Configuration compliance can be maintained against internal standards, security best practices, vendor hardening guidelines, and even regulatory mandates.

This release delivers critical enhancements requested by our customers, field and PSO teams to improve vSphere support, speed time to value, and extend capabilities for OS configuration management.

Highlights of this release include:


  • Updated Platform Support for the VCM Collector
  • Installation of the Collector and SQL Server components on Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2 is now supported
  • Existing installations of VCM can be upgraded or migrated to Windows Server 2012 or 2012R2 as part of the installation process for 5.7.3
  • Added Support for New Versions of Client Platforms
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
    • CentOS 7
    • Oracle Enterprise Linux 7
    • vSphere 6 Ready
  • VCM 5.7.3 will support vSphere 6 upon its release
  • Support for older versions of vSphere is unchanged in VCM 5.7.3 (vSphere 4.0U1 and later)

Product Information and download pages.

Docs landing page.

Release notes.

Installation guide.

VMware vRealize Log Insight 2.5.0 is now GA and live on www.vmware.com.

What’s new?

This release introduces several new features in all areas of the product. Some key innovations and enhancements are:

  • Event Trends Analyser
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Integration with vRealize Operations Manager 6.0
  • Log Insight Forwarder
  • Integrated Load Balancer
  • Built-In Content Packs
  • Internationalisation
  • New vRealize Log Insight Linux Agent
  • Contextual Log Browsing for Events
  • Several Usability, Performance and Security Improvements

Download Landing Page.

Documentation Landing Page.

Release Notes.

new product names matrix

You  may have noticed that since VMworld we use some new product names for our management products. Since I have renamed the tags on my blog here accordingly, I wanted to give you a little table of transition here. What’s in a name you might say, well actually quite a lot since we rationalised things and put some more logic in. Things I explain in my presentations is that the new vRealize Operations has no obligatory link to VMware vCenter anymore, so it would be silly to still call it vCenter Operations Manager…



old name new name on premise new name SaaS version
vCloud Hybrid Service vCloud Air
vCenter Operations Manager (vC Ops) vRealize Operations (vR Ops) vRealize Air Operations
vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) vRealize Automation (vR A) vRealize Air Automation
ITBM vRealize Business

Please also note that our public cloud service changed names to vCloud Air. And … you see of course that we have SaaS versions in the pipeline. These will live in vCloud Air but can also be used to manage your private cloud. A first tool not in the table is in beta, namely vCloud Air Compliance, a tool to perform the compliance part of vCenter Configuration Manager without local installation !

There is also a vRealize suite which contains Operations, Automation and Business. The difference with vCloud Suite is that vRealize is positioned for hybrid environments with multiple hypervisors and external cloud services. It is licensed per OSI (operating system instance). More info here.

new hardening guidelines for vR Automation Center v6.2

If you are concerned with security and are looking for hardening guidelines for vRealize Automation Center software, a new paper is published here.

The guidelines we developed with the new 6.2 release available now.  Engineering has not tested with these recommendations with 6.0 or 6.1, but the architecture has not changed significantly and these recommendations will likely work with older 6.x releases.

New winter school sessions @ VMware BeLux

In January the VMware BeLux SE team organizes again free technical enablement sessions in Zaventem and Luxemburg, see details below. I will deliver the cloud operations and cloud automation day with Stef Verbist and the Openstack, containers,… afternoon with Filip Verloy.

Agenda – overview:

Technical Tracks (HALF day)

See detailed session content information here.

Time: 09h30 – 10h00 registration & welcome coffee

           10h00 ­ 12h30 presentations, whiteboards, demos Š

           13h00 ­ 13h30 registrations & welcome coffee

           13h30 ­ 16h00 presentations, whiteboards, demos on second topic

Don’t miss this opportunity and register for these sessions.

Location Belgium:

VMware premises, Imperiastraat 18, 1930 Zaventem

Location Luxembourg:



Monday January 12 AM


Monday January 19 AM

High-level general session: SDE (vCloud Suite, vRealize Suite, vCloud Air)

Winter School 2015 is all about the Software-Defined-Enterprise, VMware’s foundation for helping customers transform their traditional IT environments into a broker of services in order to aligned with business demands.

On this first day, we will give you an introduction into all the different VMware’s building blocks that make up the Software Defined Enterprise.

Monday January 12 PM

Monday January 19 PM

High-level general session: SDE (VSAN, NSX, EUC)

Winter School 2015 is all about the Software-Defined-Enterprise, VMware’s foundation for helping customers transform their traditional IT environments into a broker of services in order to aligned with business demands.

On this first day, we will give you an introduction into all the different VMware’s building blocks that make up the Software Defined Enterprise.


Tuesday January 13 AM


Tuesday January 20 AM

Hyper Converged Infrastructure – VSAN2.0/EVO:RAIL/RACK

During this session we will review the choices we give our customers to build their Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). We will look into technical detail to the different technologies used.


Tuesday January 13 PM


Tuesday January 20 PM

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – SRM/vSphere Replication/ vCloud Air DR/vSphere Data Protection/vMotion/FT/HA

IT organizations are continuously challenged with protecting business-critical applications and data against various causes of downtime. VMware delivers a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that provides high availability, data protection and disaster recovery. During this session we will go more in depth into those solutions.


Wednesday January 14 AM


Wednesday January 21 AM

Cloud Operations Management – vRealize Operations Insight (vROps 6 + vRLog Insight)

Operations disciplines are converging. Performance, capacity and configuration become inseparable as the SDDC is extended with public cloud services. IT departments require integrated, analytics-based operations management to ensure service quality and increase operational efficiency on or off-site.


Wednesday January 14 PM


Wednesday January 21 PM

Cloud Automation – vRealize Automation & Cloud Business ­ vRealize Business

Automation plays a critical role in managing the SDDC where compute, network and storage resources are virtualized and controlled by software. It improves speed and control of both service delivery and ongoing management functions. Automation is also a central point of control for service delivery that combines on-site and public cloud resources.


Thursday January 15 AM


Thursday January 22 AM

Network virtualization

VMware NSX is the network virtualization and security platform for the SDDC. In this session we will provide a deep dive into the capabilities of the platform and go into the new features of the latest release. We will also cover how the integrate the platform into an existing network and best practices.


Thursday January 15 PM


Thursday January 22 PM

VMware’s Integrated OpenStack ­ Containers (Docker, Kubernetes Š) ­ Pivotal CF

This session will explain VMware’s Integrated OpenStack (VIO) distribution, VMware’s involvement in the OpenStack project in general, and VMware’s initiated Congress OpenStack program, incl. advantages of running OpenStack with VMware software, and roadmap and integration plans across the multiple components of our product line.


Friday January 16 ­ ALL DAY


Friday January 23 ­ ALL DAY

Mobility – End-User Computing (EUC)

During this session we will review the VMware EUC Vision and Strategy and take a closer look into the technical details of VMware App Volumes, Virtual SAN in Horizon View environments, Horizon Flex, Š

Don’t miss this opportunity and register for these sessions.

vCenter Orchestrator v5.1.3 is out

Hopefully you know about our visual orchestration engine that is shipped with vCenter and plays a crucial role in vR Automation Center. for more info visit the excellent VCO team site. A new release is just out:

vCenter Orchestrator 5.1.3

GA Date: 4 December 2014

What’s new?

This release of vCenter Orchestrator introduces a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Download Details:

Download Landing Page


Documentation Landing Page


Release Notes


Build Number


Learn VMware products with free summer schools in the Benelux.

Summer is coming again, things are slowing down (well they used to in summer…) but we are hard at work to bring you our famous summer schools again in the Netherlands and BeLux. During these free technical seminars VMware SEs bring you the latest on a certain subject and you can take Hands-On Labs locally to train yourself. More info and registration: Netherlands and BeLux.

Willem van Engeland and I will run the cloud automation schools in the Netherlands and I will run vCAC in BeLux. Hope to see you there !