Cloud Client v3.2 is here.

Cloud Client is a very handy command line interface to all the vRealize Automation APIs. In this new version you get support for multi-machine blueprints and exporting your Advanced Services work to a zip file, so that you can import it in another deployment. I will post some hands-on soon here. The offical features list:

This release includes the following enhancements compared to the CloudClient 3.1 release:

  • Multi-machine support: You can now request multi-machine services, view the components of a provisioned multi-machine, and manage multi-machine blueprints.
  • Advanced Services Designer content management: You can now export content from the Advanced Services Designer to a zip file and import the content package to another environment. You can select which items are included in the export.
  • Network profiles: You can now view information about network profiles by using the vra iaas networkprofile list and vra iaas networkprofile detail commands.
  • Command enhancements:
    • The vra reservation list command now supports filtering on name, type, subTenantId, and reservationPolicyId.
    • The vra catalog detail command output now includes the blueprint id so that blueprint details can be looked up by using the vra iaas blueprint detail command.
    • Commands with –export parameters can now be written to stdout instead of a file.
    • Many updates for improved error messages and handling.
  • Session management:
    • vRealize Orchestrator sessions are now persisted so that vco commands can be scripted without logging in for each command invocation.
    • The option to persist sessions is now a configurable setting rather than always enabled.
  • A new command, vra version, displays the vRealize Automation version for the current session.
  • CloudClient 3.2 is compatible with vRA/vCAC 6.x and vRO versions 6.0.1 and 5.5.

For more information, see the release notes: 

You can download CloudClient (along with its documentation and sample scripts) at:


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