Demo recording of the new vCenter Operations Manager 5.6

Today the new vCloud Management Suite components we announced at VMWorld 2012 are general available:

  • vCenter Operations Manager v5.6 (vC Ops)
  • Hyperic v5.0 integration for apps management
  • vCM 5.6 for compliance, config management and patching.

vC Ops v5.6 introduces some great new features:

  • User-defined groups: these can be static or dynamic (f.e. all objects of type VM and power state = ‘on’) and can be nested. All config settings are now policies you can install per group, so different groups can have different badges, capacity calculation,…
  • The weather map is clickable !
  • Some screens and dashboards have been improved, see the demo below.
  • We integrate with Hyperic 5.0 now for more detailed OS and apps performance data inside the VMs. This data can be integrated in vC Ops.
  • vCM 5.6 integrates even more tightly with the vC Ops 5.6 dashboards, we already featured timeline integration of change events, but now you can also look at a compliance dashboard and score within vC Ops.

The vCloud Suite advanced and enterprise include vC Ops, Hyperic and vCM. In the advanced version you get the Hyperic agents for the OS (Windows, linux) and in the enterprise version you get agents for apps like the Microsoft stack (SQL Server, Exchange,…) and database systems such as Oracle, Postgres,… A complete list of agents is here, but note that not all of them are included by default. Consult your VMware sales contact.

The official web page with all details and trial download is on the VMware website.

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