vCOPS 5.7.1 new features overview

This week we launched a slew of updates in the Enterprise Management group at VMware, namely vCenter Operations Manager 5.7.1, Hyperic 5.7 and the public beta of Log Insight. This is the first of my blog posts about the new vCOps. The update comes only two months after the 5.7 release, but has some interesting new updates. For full details see the release notes and full documentation.

Custom dashboards

vCOps now features a number of pre-build custom dashboards in the custom interface available in the Advanced and Enterprise versions. You can find them in the dashboards menu, under vSphere. This is great news since for some people the learning curve for creating their own dashboards is a bit steep or they wonder what info to put in there. Now they can benefit from the engineering minds that build this stuff to get them started. “VM Usage” for exxample is a great one to get a quick overview of your worst offenders in different areas.

vcops571 dashboards

Performance reports.

The standard reports available have been enhanced with some new ones that contain a lot more information about performance. See the example below:

vcops571 reports

Log Insight and in context launching

Last but not least you can integrate the new Log Insight product with vCenter Operations Manager, this means you can analyse data from ESX hosts, vCenter or any other Syslogd compatible source and have events sent to vCOPs. On the alerts page you can now configure application to be launched in context to quickly jump to Log Insight or the vCenter web interface.


Other enhancements include the fact that the vApp is now security hardened according to The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and The Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) guideliness so that deployment in banks and government should be even easier accepted.

As ever it is incredibly easy and quick to upgrade. Just download the 460MB .pak file from MyVMware and navigate to the update tab in the admin interface. Point to the file and presto !

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