vRealize Automation OpenStack Havana plugin 1.0.0

We announced an extension pack to manage OpenStack Havana endpoints with vRealize Automation v6.2. Without it you can only manage Grizzly releases. What is good about this is that we now need to only update a plugin to manage a new OpenStack release, not update vR A itself. From the announcement:

The vRealize Automation OpenStack extension package enables vRealize Automation 6.2 to manage an open source OpenStack cloud computing software platform. This extension package is written to support OpenStack Grizzly and Havana release versions via consumption of OpenStack REST API (v2 and v1). Following is the list of capabilities of OpenStack extension package:

Nova – OpenStack Computer Service

  • List all instances (servers) of their OpenStack project (tenant)
  • Create new instance (server) with all required and optional resources
    – networks, security groups (firewalls), image, flavor (hardware configuration) and post-creation script/file.
  • Delete existing instance
  • List flavors
  • Resize/reboot/rebuild instance
  • Start, stop, pause, unpause, suspend, resume instance
  • Create an image from running instance (snapshot of instance)
  • List, create and edit security groups (firewalls)
  • Create/import/delete/list key pairs (SSH keys)
  • Associate/dissociate floating IP to/from instance
  • Get instance console  

Neutron/Quantum – OpenStack Networking Service

·         List public and private networks

Glance – OpenStack Image Service

  • List all images

Download Details:

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