Register for the 3-day DevOps mini conference…

Need a reason to attend #VMworld 2015? How about the #DevOps mini conference..

Register for the 3-day DevOps mini conference…

DevOps @ VMworld 2015 US is three-day event at VMworld covering the latest industry DevOps technology, solutions, and leadership. Join keynotes Jez Humble, Kit Colbert, and Mat Stine and choose from over 100+ sessions on Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, and Ansible!

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vRealize Orchestrator resources mindmap

As promised in the “vRealize Orchestrator mini workshop”  I am running in the VMware Benelux and Netherlands Summer schools, I publish here a resource mindmap to learn about vRO. It is a pdf file with clickable links, view below  or download here.

In a next post I will publish the IFTTT workflow.

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VMworld 2015 Content Catalog is now live!

Check out the #VMworld 2015 Content Catalog… available today!

VMworld 2015 Content Catalog is now live!

The Content Catalog allows prospective VMworld attendees access to the VMworld agenda, with the ability to peruse breakouts and note sessions of interest. You can search and filter to your heart’s content—by track, category, session format, industry, role, technical level, speaker name, location (US or Europe), and keyword search. You cannot schedule sessions in the catalog.

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Wonderful documentary on Stephen Hawking

This is recommended for a rainy Sunday… The Irish comedian – and scientist – Dara O’Briain followed the world famous scientist Stephen Hawking in his daily life. We get some great glimpses of his work and family and also of his sense of humour, how his face literally lits up when he is laughing ! Dara questions him on his two marriages… And Stephen answers “Women are a mystery to me” and after a pause: “That is the fun”. Brilliant.

And if you still want proof of Professor Hawking’s sense of humour, here is the Little Britain sketch from Comic Relief:

Stephen_and_meAt Madame Tussaud’s…

My session on vROps 6 at #vmugbe tomorrow

I am happy that my session proposal got accepted last minute for the VMUG meeting tomorrow in Antwerpen. Here is the proposal:

vRealize Operations: A few ins and a lot of outs.

 vRealize Operations v6 has been out six months now. Apart from a name change, there have been a lot of changes under the hood and in the GUI and the product is rapidly evolving to a full management platform.

 In this session we will look at the new architecture and how to use it to your advantage. New dashboards and navigation are on the menu, as are smart alerts: we will spend a lot of time going over this new concept in vROps. And the icing on the cake is some API interaction, even from your iPad ! 

Expect some slides, a lot of talk and a lot of demo !

If you have not registered yet, you should really hurry to the VMUG website. There will be some rock stars presenting such as Joe Baguley, our EMEA CTO, and Scott Lowe, who came over especially from the NSBU Office of the CTO.

Cloud Client v3.2 is here.

Cloud Client is a very handy command line interface to all the vRealize Automation APIs. In this new version you get support for multi-machine blueprints and exporting your Advanced Services work to a zip file, so that you can import it in another deployment. I will post some hands-on soon here. The offical features list:

This release includes the following enhancements compared to the CloudClient 3.1 release:

  • Multi-machine support: You can now request multi-machine services, view the components of a provisioned multi-machine, and manage multi-machine blueprints.
  • Advanced Services Designer content management: You can now export content from the Advanced Services Designer to a zip file and import the content package to another environment. You can select which items are included in the export.
  • Network profiles: You can now view information about network profiles by using the vra iaas networkprofile list and vra iaas networkprofile detail commands.
  • Command enhancements:
    • The vra reservation list command now supports filtering on name, type, subTenantId, and reservationPolicyId.
    • The vra catalog detail command output now includes the blueprint id so that blueprint details can be looked up by using the vra iaas blueprint detail command.
    • Commands with –export parameters can now be written to stdout instead of a file.
    • Many updates for improved error messages and handling.
  • Session management:
    • vRealize Orchestrator sessions are now persisted so that vco commands can be scripted without logging in for each command invocation.
    • The option to persist sessions is now a configurable setting rather than always enabled.
  • A new command, vra version, displays the vRealize Automation version for the current session.
  • CloudClient 3.2 is compatible with vRA/vCAC 6.x and vRO versions 6.0.1 and 5.5.

For more information, see the release notes: 

You can download CloudClient (along with its documentation and sample scripts) at:


Q&A with Paul Strong: Part 2

Q&A with Paul Strong: Part 2

Q&A with Paul Strong: Part 2

Cloud Expo Europe is about to kick off and VMware’s Paul Strong will take to the stage this week (March 12, Keynote Theatre, 12pm) to discuss “ The Grand Challenge – Simplifying IT to Unleash Innovation”. We caught up with him in our previous blog post to find out what he’ll be discussing in his keynote. In the second part of our Q&A, Paul takes a closer look at how and why businesses should look at simplifying their IT.

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VMware’s CTO Ambassador program

Late Friday night I got the news I was waiting for for months… I got elected on the CTO Ambassador program for the 2015 -2017 tenure ! I am really happy since this will allow me to do more of the work I love, like blogging for you !

In my own words the CTOA are the link between R&D and the field, enabling colleagues and customers about our technology and – equally important – bringing feedback from the field back to the engineers. Since blogging is of course one of the mechanisms to do that, expect to read more here !

The official mission of the program is:

The goal of VMware’s CTO Ambassador (CTOA) program is twofold –

To drive better awareness and understanding of our strategy, products, product roadmaps and best practices across our field, partners and customers.
To improve, and drive better and more relevant products through providing direct feedback and ideas into R&D, acting as an aggregator and proxy for our field, partners and customers.

I hope I will finally visit our main campus in Palo Alto for the CTOA conference this summer ! And hopefully I will also visit our R&D conference RADIO…