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VMworld Solutions Exchange

I think the greatest way to learn at any show is to visit the solutions exchange or whatever name it goes by. At VMWorld vendors have a high technical level of content at their booths and good demos. Nowhere can you learn so much on such a small space (‘small’ is relative here my feet tell me).

Monday night and Tuesday morning I visited. Surprised at the amount of swag being given away, I hope US Airways will understand I had to gather stuff for my unfortunate colleagues at home…. Some observations:

  • PuppetLabs are just a great bunch. They are very enthusiastic, I went to their session this morning and very impressed. This warrants a separate post. They must have bought a t-shirt factory….
  • I was impressed by a demo from Simplivity. As I understand it, they make appliances that run vSphere virtual machines of course and integrate into vCenter. But they have backup software integrated that seems very fast. Connect two and you can backup or migrate to the other machine and with more machines you can buid a federation. You can also backup to a cloud provider like Amazon and encrypt your data on the fly. Deduplication of data is done inline. And aparently they already have some big client names, also in Europe. Very impressive.
  • Of course you need to go over to the VMware booth, even if it is to share the extremely painful carpet experience on your feet, and have a look at new things coming, especially vCAC 6.

Meanwhile I am runing around with my self-printed stickers, The QR code links to this blog…2013-08-27 13.08.11

VMWorld report from the trenches

It is not easy blogging about the conference while you are working in the Hands-on Labs, so here are a few updates and thoughts so far….

The labs are going well, we passed the mile stone of 6000 labs served this afternoon… It is still incredible, compared to a few years ago – or to other vendors now – what we can achieve: balance over two data enters, create and destroy thousands of VM to create the learning environments…. Of course the people in the NOC monitor everything using our own tools, they created some very cool custom dashboards for vCOps. I think we need to publish a white paper on how we did that.

2013-08-25 11.59.15 2013-08-25 11.56.00

Monday I took a lunch time run on Embarcadero to clear my mind and exercise a bit, also gave me an opportunity to shop for a new yacht… And was reminded of old times when I saw Larry’s pavilion for the America’s cup race starting soon.


2013-08-26 21.45.16


Monday night I organized a Benelux Beer Bash, as you could discover on these pages.

I was hoping for a big turnout, but only 7 people made it. Still we had a very good time at 21st Amendment, they have some great beers they brew and the food is excellent and a good atmosphere !




Benelux Beer Bash VMworld US

For everyone from the Benelux attending VMWorld US in San Francisco (if you do not know where the Benelux is, don’t bother…) we are organizing a beer bash on Monday night, August 26 at 8 pm. The location of choice is 21st Amendment on 2nd Street. Description and address is here on yelp. It is a 15 min walk from Moscone South. Google Maps link.

It is a brewery, so we will try some of the local beers on tap and have some appetizers. You can find us on the mezzanine level or outside if the weather is nice. Look for the guy in the yellow Hands-on Labs shirt….

Photo on 24-08-13 at 15.11

It will be a great way to meet at the start of the conference and get to know each other and we can discuss the day’s keynote (if there are any announcements, I am not saying there will be).

Please ping me at ageenrits(at)vmware(dot)com or @alaingeenrits on Twitter if you are stopping by, I will tell you the password.