VMWorld report from the trenches

It is not easy blogging about the conference while you are working in the Hands-on Labs, so here are a few updates and thoughts so far….

The labs are going well, we passed the mile stone of 6000 labs served this afternoon… It is still incredible, compared to a few years ago – or to other vendors now – what we can achieve: balance over two data enters, create and destroy thousands of VM to create the learning environments…. Of course the people in the NOC monitor everything using our own tools, they created some very cool custom dashboards for vCOps. I think we need to publish a white paper on how we did that.

2013-08-25 11.59.15 2013-08-25 11.56.00

Monday I took a lunch time run on Embarcadero to clear my mind and exercise a bit, also gave me an opportunity to shop for a new yacht… And was reminded of old times when I saw Larry’s pavilion for the America’s cup race starting soon.


2013-08-26 21.45.16


Monday night I organized a Benelux Beer Bash, as you could discover on these pages.

I was hoping for a big turnout, but only 7 people made it. Still we had a very good time at 21st Amendment, they have some great beers they brew and the food is excellent and a good atmosphere !




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