Category: Travel

  • A stroll through Hamburg…

    After a day full of meetings (or rather one big meeting) I had the pleasure to meet my old Sun boss Gerd Plewka. He qualifies as a tour guide as he showed me all the landmarks! You can visit part of the impressive Elbphilarmonie concert hall for free. Just get a ticket from the vistor […]

  • Running the Stockholm Marathon for Cancer research UK

    Well, I decided to finally announce it in public… I am running the Asics Stockholm marathon next Saturday, May 31st. I have been training for months of course – I did not decide this over lunch – but held off from announcing it because there were some obstacles: my Dad passing away in January, the […]

  • New pictures page

    Now that MobileMe and my picture albums there do not exist anymore, I am posting some images here. I started with my trip to the Lofoten to see the polar lights.