Running the Stockholm Marathon for Cancer research UK

Well, I decided to finally announce it in public… I am running the Asics Stockholm marathon next Saturday, May 31st. I have been training for months of course – I did not decide this over lunch – but held off from announcing it because there were some obstacles: my Dad passing away in January, the flu, work,… And now I need your help… I am running as a fund raiser for Cancer Research UK. If you feel this is a worthy cause and want to help, you can donate on my page by clicking here. Any money, any means, any place in the world ! (And probably on the ISS too…)

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I ran my first marathon in 2009 in London for the same charity because a good friend was very ill, she died the night before… Since then I ran Amsterdam in 2009 and New York in 2010, yes it has been 4 years. With my Dad passing away in January I thought it was high time to run a race again for Cancer Research. We all know so many people who suffered this terrible disease: loved ones, friends, colleagues. So much grieve and sadness, would it not be great to help in every small way we can to find a solution for this illness ?

The rest of the story in this small FAQ:

Q: Why are you announcing this so close to the race ?

A: Good question. So many things going on, I wanted to make sure I would actually run, even if it is with a broken nose now… But we can do this, right ? Every little donation helps… And you can still give after the race…

Q: Why Cancer Research UK and a fundraising page at JustGiving ? Why not in Belgium ?

A: Because they have great tools, you can pay online in multiple currencies… I want to give all my friends and colleagues worldwide a chance to help ! And Cancer Research is one of the biggest organizations that sponsors projects in Europe, also outside the UK.

Q: Why do you run a marathon ?

Good question. See my favourite quote from the movie “Smokey and the Bandit“:

Cledus Snow: Hey Bandit. Me an’ Fred’s got a question.

Bandit: What you an’ Fred want?

Cledus Snow: How come we doin’ this?

Bandit: Well why not?

Cledus Snow: Well they said it couldn’t be done.

Bandit: Well thats the reason, son!

Cledus Snow: [shrugs] That’s good with Fred. We’re clear.

Bandit: [laughing] Ten-four

Q: Does my donation depend on you completing the marathon in a certain time ?

A: Nope, All funds are directly for Cancer Research UK, wether I finish or not, wether we make my fundraising target or not. A winning deal for you !

Visit my JustGiving page for donations and info !


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