Category: VMware

  • VMWorld report from the trenches

    It is not easy blogging about the conference while you are working in the Hands-on Labs, so here are a few updates and thoughts so far…. The labs are going well, we passed the mile stone of 6000 labs served this afternoon… It is still incredible, compared to a few years ago – or to…

  • Benelux Beer Bash VMworld US

    For everyone from the Benelux attending VMWorld US in San Francisco (if you do not know where the Benelux is, don’t bother…) we are organizing a beer bash on Monday night, August 26 at 8 pm. The location of choice is 21st Amendment on 2nd Street. Description and address is here on yelp. It is…

  • Free VMware learning videos

    The friendly people at VMware education have a website with free intructions videos for products. There are 10 movies about vCOPs and 6 about vCAC alone. Need I say more ? Get over there ! And on top of that there are videos about VMware certification.

  • VMware resources page

    I am centralizing all resources and tips I use a lot in my presentations on one VMware page. Please visit !