My experience at Tweakers Privacy & Security Meet-up.

Two weeks ago I attended a great meet-up organised by the Dutch technology website Tweakers, I love this site so much I am an elite member. I decided on electronic attendance since the live event was in Hilversum, which would have been a 3 hours drive on a Saturday.

You can now view most of the sessions on Youtube through this page, but let me give you some pointers on what I found more than a little interesting that afternoon. Maybe it can guide you in what to watch. (some of it is in Dutch).

Wesley and Rick from gave a great talk – hacker worthy – on Microsoft 365 security. What vulnerabilities to look out for as well as tools to help you. Very interesting to watch if you use this Microsoft subscription service.

Jilles Groenendijk had a great talk about his hardware hacking, IoT security and right to repair.

One of the most thought provoking talks was by Melanie Rieback. She talked about startups in security and the problems with Silicon Valley style funding and takeovers. Imagine starting a company in The Netherlands, compliant with all governing laws, getting some customers that trust you. Even from a legal perspective. What happens if you get acquired by a British holding that now is governed by different laws ? How can you protect your company? Apparently there are some forms of social enterprise to go for. Or even foundations. Definitively something I want to look into more.

The most fascinating talk was with Inge Bryant! I did not know this lady before, but honestly was more than a little impressed. Apart from an incredible career in intelligence and the police, she is very precise and thoughtful in her statements and obviously has a level of empathy and warmth you would not expect… well from an ex-cop! I was blown away by her stance on privacy, which is certainly not what you would expect from someone in that position. She actually defended the right to encryption! Very much recommended.

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