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  • Why comdivision video

    It is my turn this week to tell you why I work with comdivision on LinkedIn. Watch the video here:

  • Make some noise with VMware Aria!

    This is the material for my VMUG Usercon session in Brussels on June 1st, 2023. You can find a copy of my slides here. I have not recorded all the demos, but a VMware Aria Hub Free Tier demo recording is here. The slides of my session are now available:

  • VMUG BE session announced!

    VMUG BE session announced!

    I am glad to announce I will be presenting again at the Belux VMUG Usercon in Brussels. My talk will be around the new VMware Aria suite of products, what has changed, new opportunities, pitfalls… You can still register for this event. It is a great opportunity to meet! I will also be around to…

  • Connect Aria Operations to the World.

    I think it is a sign of the maturity of Aria Operations that I get more and more requests to connect it to other platforms or get data out in some custom way. Aria Operations will continue to play a big role in the Aria suite, notably connecting to Aria Hub. People recognise its unique…

  • VMUG NL session

    VMUG NL session

    I am happy to announce I am presenting again at the Dutch Usercon. I am even more happy we are back in Den Bosch! My session will be a continuation from last year and bring you the latest in compliance and hardening of your environment. The agenda can be found here: https://vmugnl.nl/vmugnl-usercon-2023-agenda/#rdv-calendar and you can…