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VMware vRealize Operations Manager

Resources to learn vRealize Operations Manager

Last week I was visiting a customer and quickly realized they had an issue that could be solved with custom groups and a dashboard. The customer was starting out with vROps and had no idea. It is sometimes difficult to find resources – outside of the tranings – to get familiar with vROps in your day-to-day job. Since I was also gathering info for a Blue Medora blog post on polcies I am writing, I quickly updated my resource page with these great resources:

  • VMware feature walkthrough videos: A little known tool that has extensive demos of several recent products. The main page list some topics like NSX and vSAN, but of particular interest to us is the vSOM page. A lot of details, including info on policies. A lot of it is pertinent to vROps advanced and enterprise too.
  • The book “VMware vRealize Operations Essentials” by Matt Steiner. Matt is a cloud specialist for VMware UK and an overall great guy. Available on Safari Booksonline or Pakt Publishing.
  • The book “VMware Performance and Capacity Management” – Second Edition (!) by Iwan ‘E1’ Rahabok. Again a great VMware colleague in Singapore this time, who is a master of capacity planning… Available on Safari Booksonline or Pakt Publishing.

Hope this helps you in your work with vROps !


A new challenge ! With Blue Medora !

Well, I have been quiet on the blog, I will not hide from you that the 3 months following my forced exit from VMware have not been easy on a number of fronts (like my dog dying a month later…), but outplacement training has been a great help to me.

I am therefore more than happy to announce that today is my first workday for Blue Medora ! If you do not know this great company yet – and you should ! – we make all those great management packs that extend VMware vRealize Operations to manage more than your VMware virtualisation layer: NetApp and Nimble storage, Cisco Nexus and UCS platforms, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA,… So it is not only on the hardware level, but also applications. And we also make plugins for Oracle Enterprise Manager and New Relic. Find an overview here.

I will be solutions architect for Europe, working as a contractor, since we are starting up in Europe. But business is booming, especially now that VMware resells some of the management packs and transferred development of some to Blue Medora !

What is especially great for me is that this allows me to continue with VMware vRealize Operations, the platform I know and love, and continue to evangelise it !

Visit me VMware booth #VMworld

If you want to check out the new vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 or vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) or LogInisght v3.0, come and visit my colleagues and me at the VMware booth in the Solutions Exchange at VMworld Barcelona !

imageI am here today – Wednesday – till 19h00 and tomorrow morning – Thursday – 10h30 till 13h30.

Hope you are stopping by for a demo !

My session on vROps 6 at #vmugbe tomorrow

I am happy that my session proposal got accepted last minute for the VMUG meeting tomorrow in Antwerpen. Here is the proposal:

vRealize Operations: A few ins and a lot of outs.

 vRealize Operations v6 has been out six months now. Apart from a name change, there have been a lot of changes under the hood and in the GUI and the product is rapidly evolving to a full management platform.

 In this session we will look at the new architecture and how to use it to your advantage. New dashboards and navigation are on the menu, as are smart alerts: we will spend a lot of time going over this new concept in vROps. And the icing on the cake is some API interaction, even from your iPad ! 

Expect some slides, a lot of talk and a lot of demo !

If you have not registered yet, you should really hurry to the VMUG website. There will be some rock stars presenting such as Joe Baguley, our EMEA CTO, and Scott Lowe, who came over especially from the NSBU Office of the CTO.

vR Ops deepdive session announcement

After numerous requests by colleagues we are setting up a deep dive session on vRealize Operations manager. The target audience is existing customers who have questions on the configuration and usage of vR Ops 5.8.x and who want to know what to expect in the new version 6. The session will be led by Stefan Verbist and myself. It is a technical session with a minimum of slideware and a maximum of hands-on in a real environment. There will be time for Q&A.


  • vCOPS Policies
  • Missing Metrics & how to understand in vCOPS dashboards
  • Capacity planning  (how to understand)
  • Custom dashboards
  • vROps 6 – what is coming
  • Q&A

When ? Thursday 18 december, 8h30 am – 10h00 am CET

Where ? Webex, follow this link. Registration and approval is required !

After this session people will be encouraged to attend our new winterschool sessions or vR Ops On Demand training.

A Batman and Robin production.

Benelux customer briefing and lab visit #VMworld


Like last year I am organising a VBC on Cloud Operations during VMworld Europe in Barcelona next week. If you are a VMware customer in the Benelux area and you have questions on vRealize Operations Manager (the artist formerly known as vCenter Operations Manager) or Log Insight come and visit us ! We will be running an open format with questions and some presentations on what is to come. Jon Herlocker, CTO Log Insight & vRealize Operatons Manager, and Eran Carmel, Sr Product Manager will be there to inform you.

Please check for more details and free registration at this EventBrite event. Please note that this is not a session in the catalogue. We run an open format, you do not need experience. I will check entries against our CRM system and kick out anyone who does not qualify…

Also this year I decided to organize a Hands-On Labs behind the scenes tour for Benelux customers. This is a unique opportunity to see how we manage this great event with our own tools. Deploying 15000 VMs at the US session ! The visit is scheduled on Thursday morning, so that on the last day of the conference you can have an easy start after the party… Register on Eventbrite.

Hope to see you in Barcelona ! And if you have not registered yet, click the VMworld logo above… There is still time, cheap flights and AirBnB rooms…

Monitoring tools and the case for vCOps

On the excellent DevOps mailing list this week I stumpled across two interesting entries on monitoring tools. Note that I am not writing this to attack anyone, but to share some observations that I have relevant to our own tools and where we can help. I realize that our own platform vCenter Operations Manager (and packaging variants such as vSOM and vCloud Suite) caters sometimes for another type of customer than the typical devops crowd. As an early linux fan and ex-Sunnie I still care deeply about open-source (oops did I really say that ?) and projects like Nagios or Zabbix have their place. Maybe…

The first is a survey done by Dataloop.IO, a company that is developing a new SaaS monitoring tool. In a blog post they comment on a survey they did of 60 customers in the UK and their monitoring habits. Some of their findings captured my interest:

  • People use a pletora of tools and build-your-own: Yes, that is what we see too. People use tools because they are “free” (if your time is free) like Nagios, because they got them from a vendor as a – limited free – tool to use (CIM, MS SCOM,…) or bought them for a limited purpose (Veeam,…). For anyone using vSphere as a platform I think vCOps is a strategic choice. You will see that it will develop more and more into a platform and integrate with other products. Think cloud provisioning asking vCOps on which cluster there are enough resources to deploy. And whether you have vCenter and 100 VMs or want to monitor a vCloud service at the vapp level, this is the one tool that you use. vCOps is also becoming more of a platform with Hyperiq merging in: you can now monitor hundreds of services that are not VMware specific, and best of all vCOps discovers the relationships and shows you for example on which VM Windows is running with your MS SQL database. Magic. And did I mention more and more management packs are being developped to bring other data in vCOps ? Brocade, HP 3PAR, Dell storage, EMC, NetApp, Oracle,… Have a look on our management marketplace.
  • micro-services: Again I think people that are now building different tools for their departments are well served with vCOps. You can monitor centrally, but everyone can manage their own view using custom dashboards you build in minutes. We have customers monitoring java apps centrally and offer internal customers their own dashboard of their app without interfering with others or seeing their data.
  • alert storms: Well, we have been telling you about this one for a long time…. You need a modern tool like vCOps that does dynamic analysis of your data and sends you intelligent alerts when needed. We learn from your data and do trending…


The second entry corroborates a further finding from Dataloop.IO: that most people still use Nagios. Andy Sykes from Forward3D argues in a Slideshare presentation that we should stop using Nagios for a number of reasons  – overall  because it is outdated. But he proposes to build another system that is composed of a number of tools… See the Dataloop.IO study….

Again I think the case is for vCOps. At a large European institution we have not so much replaced Nagios as we have enhanced it. Where their old system was complex and hard to change, we now import critical data from Nagios (around ntp…) and display it in custom dashboards in minutes. The same tool is used with other dashboards to monitor vapps in the vSphere environment and on top of that vCOps does it’s analysis magic on imported data too, so they have an idea of what the normal trending of ntp offset is, something you cannot do with Nagios.


vCOps will not replace all other tools, but for customers adopting a software-defined datacenter model it is a strategic tool that can serve the infrastructure department and it’s customers, serving everyone relevant data and alerts from one tool in different forms.