Spotting the green comet – update –

Comet C/2022 E3, named “ZTF”, is now hard to spot in the sky. It is almost overhead near Capella. Since we are now past full Moon, we should get some better opportunities in the early night. (all for my location 51.5 deg North).

Sunday and Tuesday I had no luck with my 10×50 binoculars. The Skywatcher Matsutov is very uncomfortable near zenith and funnily enough the big 40-cm Smitt at Urania cannot reach Capella due to the dome …

So tonight, with another clear sky, the big guns are coming out! My Orion Intelliquest Dobson should be better suited to observe such high objects… Now to get it collimated…

Update 8/2: with an incredible clear sky and a clear view on the southern horizon, I had fun spotting a few well-known winter objects. And the comet ! I took a few pictures with my iPhone 13 mini just pressed against my eyepiece and 3s night mode shots… very happy with the result.

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