July updates for vRealize Operations Cloud.

As you hopefully know, the SaaS versions of the vRealize Suite get regular updates, and of course the advantage of SaaS is it appears automagically in your browser overnight. No reinstalls, patches, just go!

vROps Cloud got a few updates that caught my eye, one of them is actually something a customer is struggling with at the moment! I thought it was important enough to highlight them here.

As a quick note, VMware announced updates are coming regularly to the cloud version, the on-prem classic vApp version gets yearly updates now. Let’s hope an update is coming around VMware Explore to include these functions…

Business Hours.

This is a big one if you think about it. A VM might be idle, but every night your backup and anti-virus scan kicks off… And vROps thinks it has some batch loads. Now you can specify business hours in the capacity section of the policy – yes, where else ? vROps will then exclude analytics outside of your business hours. With the flexibility of policies you can of course specify different hours for your worldwide operations. Just be aware that this feature is only available for clusters and virtual machines.

Committed Scenarios

You are probably familiar with the what-if scenarios you can run in vROps. They allow you to simulate all kinds of migrations and config changes in your environment. So you can simulate what will happen to your online shop in the Christmas shopping season if you add more virtual machines.

What was missing until now is a way to make those changes permanent so that capacity planning takes them into account.

Committed Scenarios

Now you can do just that by adding Committed Scenarios. A customer of mine is using dashboards I created to see what hosts they can switch off in a testing lab, trying to save energy. This is a very actual theme of course with rising energy costs. Now they can see the effect of switching of hosts in the capacity planning.

I am continuing testing the new release. Let me know what you are looking for! I am open to consultancy, check my page at ComDivision here.

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