VMware’s CTO Ambassador program

Late Friday night I got the news I was waiting for for months… I got elected on the CTO Ambassador program for the 2015 -2017 tenure ! I am really happy since this will allow me to do more of the work I love, like blogging for you !

In my own words the CTOA are the link between R&D and the field, enabling colleagues and customers about our technology and – equally important – bringing feedback from the field back to the engineers. Since blogging is of course one of the mechanisms to do that, expect to read more here !

The official mission of the program is:

The goal of VMware’s CTO Ambassador (CTOA) program is twofold –

To drive better awareness and understanding of our strategy, products, product roadmaps and best practices across our field, partners and customers.
To improve, and drive better and more relevant products through providing direct feedback and ideas into R&D, acting as an aggregator and proxy for our field, partners and customers.

I hope I will finally visit our main campus in Palo Alto for the CTOA conference this summer ! And hopefully I will also visit our R&D conference RADIO…

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